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Fern Candle

Beeswax Candles | Fern Candle

Beeswax Candles | Fern Candle

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This beeswax candle is Fern Candle's newest product! 

Why beeswax? Here are some of the benefits:
• naturally purifies the air (because when burned, beeswax produces negative ions which attach to positive ions like dust.)
• long burn time (longer than soy!)
• non-toxic
• hypoallergenic
• no health risks
• clean burn
• natural, light honey-like scent

Our beeswax candle is 6 oz and comes in the sweetest honeycomb-inspired reusable glass jar, finished with a gold lid.

Kelsey Fern, North Dakota born-and-raised, is the maker behind Fern Candle. Since launching Fern Candle in 2016, she has crafted unique fragrance blends and highlighted regional fragrance notes while staying true to her mission to offer safe and natural products. 

Fern Candle is passionate about creating natural, soy-based candles that are both sustainable and beautiful. Based in the Midwest, Kelsey draws inspiration from the surrounding prairie and hand pours all candles and wax melts in small batches. Fern Candle products are proudly crafted with all natural soy wax and are dye and phthalate free, with all cotton wicks and reusable glass jars. Some of the reasons for soy are: cleaner burn, longer burn, soy is a renewable resource.

Kelsey believes that a candle should be a work of art that enhances any room in your home and is dedicated to crafting candles that are both thoughtfully fragranced and aesthetically pleasing with materials sourced from the United States.

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