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Leika Sensory Creations

Playdough Kit Jars

Playdough Kit Jars

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Get creative with these super soft and decorative playdough jars (approximately half of a cup of playdough). Perfect to take on the go, for birthday favors, or just some afternoon fun!

Leika Sensory Creations is based out of Fargo, ND. Mitch and Ashley are a brother-sister duo who have brought two passions together--woodworking and sensory play--to create sensible, imaginative experiences for children and adolescents at affordable prices. 

Most of our sensory kits are meant for ages 3-12, but can be adapted for younger or older learners.  However, for younger learners, Leika Sensory Creations products should only be used with adult supervision.

Many of our sensory kits come with taste safe bases, which means the base (rice, playdough, noodles, etc.) is made with non-toxic ingredients. Taste safe bases should NOT be eaten, as it’s not meant to be a snack, but you can be assured that it won’t be toxic if a little one puts some in their mouth. 

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