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Leika Sensory Creations

Sensory Kits

Sensory Kits

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Sensory play is not only fun, but educational as well. It helps improve fine and gross motor skills, social skills, emotional regulation, and language development. Simply use a bin or sensory table to place your kit into and let little imaginations explore.

This sensory kit is perfect for dino lovers! Contains dinosaur loose parts with our colorful rice!
Base: Green Rice (non-toxic)
Includes: 4 cups colored rice, five dinosaurs, plastic volcano, red gems, ferns, small brown rocks, large rock, paper cup, spoon.

This sensory kit is perfect for space enthusiasts! Contains space themed loose parts with our colorful rice!
Base: Black & Neon Pebbles
Includes: 3 cups pebbles, five astronauts, planet gems, colorful plastic stars, alien, paper cup, star sensory cup, mini silicone cup.

This sensory kit is perfect for unicorn lovers ! Contains unicorn loose parts with our vibrant rice!
Base: Colorful Rice (non-toxic)
Includes: 4 cups colored rice, 3 unicorns, rainbow sensory bottle, pink and gold gems, blue silicone cup, wooden spoon, white poms, star wand.

This sensory kit is perfect for dinosaur lovers and those who enjoy playing fossils! Contains dinosaur loose parts in smooth loose sand!
Base: Tan Sand
Includes: 4 cups colored rice, sprinkles, 14 piece tea set, wooden scooper, large silicone cup, four eraser food items.


Leika Sensory Creations is based out of Fargo, ND. Mitch and Ashley are a brother-sister duo who have brought two passions together--woodworking and sensory play--to create sensible, imaginative experiences for children and adolescents at affordable prices. 

We believe in eco-friendly design and try to be conscious of our footprint on this planet. Each sensory kit comes with all items in the photo and are packaged in resealable, moisture-locking bags. This packaging is meant to keep your sensory kit fresh and contained for many play experiences. 

Most of our sensory kits are meant for ages 3-12, but can be adapted for younger or older learners.  However, for younger learners, Leika Sensory Creations products should only be used with adult supervision.

Many of our sensory kits come with taste safe bases, which means the base (rice, playdough, noodles, etc.) is made with non-toxic ingredients. Taste safe bases should NOT be eaten, as it’s not meant to be a snack, but you can be assured that it won’t be toxic if a little one puts some in their mouth. 

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